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What is American Online Jobs?

AOJ for short: American Online Jobs is a free web site that shows you how to get started online as an affiliate marketer. There's no cost to start. You can sign up for all our survey panels or none. You can register with Online Flex Jobs for free. Creating an account with Online Flex Jobs is not mandatory. However, registering with Online Flex Jobs allows you to make more money as an affiliate.

How much money can I make?

You'll read our claim "Earn $700 to $1600 weekly" - but if you follow through and spend any time in our member training center you'll find our disclaimer throughout the training modules.  Here's the deal: To make big money online requires time and patience.  As we state in the member training area you're not going to make $1,600 in one week without the proper education, training and guidance. A successful affiliate should plan on spending at least 10 hours a week to start, working up to 20 hours a week, and so on.

In other words, being profitable online takes hard work and patience.

What about all those American Online Jobs Reviews on Google?

100% of those reviews are written so that when a reader types American Online Jobs Reviews a variety of review web sites pop up; these web sites are owned by people who want you to read their biased reviews and then sign up with (their money scheme which costs $49 dollars a month..) Keep in mind American Online Jobs is 100% free. Further Explanation: The reviewers want you to buy into / sign up with is a company called Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is a web site building training school that teaches people to write reviews on competing web sites like ours, American Online Jobs. The goal of these Wealthy Affiliate reviewer sites is to ride the coat tails of the more popular make money online web sites, such as ours here at American Online Jobs, and then bash our company in hopes you'll be compelled to pay a Wealthy Affiliate $49 per month. 

But here's the thing. Whether you sign up for free with us, or decide to pay $49 a month with them, you're still going to need to be able to have at least 10 hours per week set aside to learn and execute. 

These Wealthy Affiliate reviewers love to bash other web sites to make money. In the shocking image below you can read one such reviewer bragging after making money from a review where she BASHES the company.

This is, sadly, the average type of person behind all those American Online Jobs reviews.

You see..

..they want your money.

Like I mentioned 

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