Lesson 6: Instagram

Many people never think about using Instagram to advertise! But it's a very big place. Instagram is a great place to target people for your affiliate products. People share pictures of their actual results and target key words as well as pics about them selves and their story or anything that make people wnat to follow you. Here is a good link that will teach you all about Instagram.

Youtube is a great place to find free information about how to make money with Instagram, so be sure to search Youtube for more in depth information.


Instagram is THE PLACE to be these days. Create an account and search for influencers, a lot of the time you can approach them and they will give you a shoutout, sending tons of people to your web site. This is a great way to earn money--but it's not free. This is paid advertising.


Important Mandatory Steps! If you have not completed STEP#1 and STEP #2 then click here to go back and complete both steps before you're eligible to start making money.