Get the job | wrrk
Show us your command of tone and voice.
On this step, you'll demonstrate your ability to write in both a professional voice, as well as in a casual voice.
Your responses will be graded on voice, spelling, grammar, and completeness.
Please communicate the following information to the customer in both a casual voice, and a professional voice.
1. Greet the customer and thank them for contacting our company
2. Let the customer know their order has been delayed, as caused by a severe blizzard on the East coast.
3. Express sympathy for the inconvenience caused.
4. Let them know that they can call customer support 8a - 8p EST, Mon - Fri: 555-555-5555
5. Sign off
Communicate the above info in a casual, friendly voice.
Communicate the above info in a formal, professional voice.